Character Evaluation


Check Point: Character Evaluation
Diane Pascoe

???The big five dispositional traits are as follows, extraversion, neuroticism, openness to experience, agreeableness, and conscientious.??? (McAdams, D. 2009. p. 85.) Character evaluation is a basic break down of one??™s personality and how their traits come together. Behavior is a huge concept to one??™s personality and how they act in certain situations. In the movie ???The Town??? Ben Affleck, who plays the role of Doug, plays an amazing role and the movie has a lot of twist in turns. His character has to endure a lot of struggles within himself and with his closest friends/lover.
Character??™s Personality
In this movie the character Doug, played by Ben Affleck robs banks with his closest friends. During one of these bank robberies they kidnap the bank manager and the character Doug ends of falling in love with her. His friends don??™t find out about this until they bump into them eating pizza one day and it starts affecting the bank robberies and their friendships. This character??™s personality is very bright and smart. He is very conscientiousness of course because, they rob banks. Everything needs to be planned out days in advance, so he is very aware of his surroundings. Doug is the main character and he tends to be in control of the situations, which he is very careful about doing, at all times. He pays attention to who is around the bank, where the tellers are and the correct time to open the vault.
This character comes out of his shell by falling in love with the bank manager, which makes him have openness to new experience. His friends become upset with him and he ends up doing one last bank robbery and then taking off. The big twist at the end of the movie is he leaves her money in the garden to find, with a note. His personality
changes, from being the bad boy who cares only cares about his friends to the smart guy who wants a real future outside robbing banks. He fell in love and it ended up being a life saver. ???He contrives to meet her and then finds her appealing.??? ( He listens to her and agrees with what she says, making his personality have some agreeableness to it. The cops were at her house and they were making her have him come to the house to arrest him and she gave him a code word that had a true meaning, which saved his life.
Doug??™s personality changed for the better by the end of the movie and it was defiantly a tear jerker. His character in the movie started out only caring about his friends and what they thought of him. In the middle of the movie he was being pulled in both directions and had tough choices to make. By the end of the movie he became the person he was always meant to be and started making the right choices in life. He had to leave town but, he met the women of his dreams, left her money and hopes someday in the future he will see her again.

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Film: ???The Town??? (2010)