Character Evaluation

Character Evaluation
Lisa A.Caughell
September 3, 2011
Personality Psychology
Celina Barker
University of Phoenix/Axia

I chose to write this paper using Jimmy Stewart famous character, George Bailey, from the holiday movie classic ???It??™s A Wonderful Life???. I decided on George because of the emotional upheaval in his characters life and the moral of this film.
As a young boy George is a hero to at least two people. He saves his younger brother, Harry, from drowning in a frozen pond after he breaks through the ice. Unfortunately, George develops an ear infection and loses most of his hearing in one ear.
George also stops the drugstore owner and pharmacist, Mr. Gower from giving the wrong medicine/poison to a patient. When Mr. Gower is confronted by George he backhands him right across his bad ear making it bleed. Mr. Gower was drunk and distraught after his only child was killed. George never told a soul. He understood the tremendous loss felt by Mr. Gower.
George Bailey has many of the personality traits associated with the agreeableness from the ???Big 5???. He is helpful, kind, caring, cares about other people??™s feelings, he??™s soft-hearted, takes time out for others, and he can make people feel at ease. (Browne & Keeley, 2001). These personality traits are strong and stay with George all through the movie.
As George grows up he gains the openness personality trait. He is eager to travel all over the world. See new places, meet new people, and mix it up with different cultures. He has a vivid imagination, excellent ideas for traveling; he reflects on life and is quick to understand the ways of the world.
Unfortunately, events occur the delay and eventually thwart George??™s plans of traveling the world and fulfilling his lifelong dream. George does not complain, he does what he knows is the right thing to do. He takes over the family business, Bailey Saving & Loan. George marries a local gal, has three children and a comfortable life. The economy gets worse, people cannot pay their mortgages and the Savings & Loan cannot pay the bank what the people owe. As soon as George is close to getting Mr. Potter his money then his uncle loses all the cash.
With this George develops a neurosis??™ personality. George is easily disturbed and irritated, he is filled with negativity, he becomes stressed and decides he wants to end his life. He feels like everything he did meant nothing.
An angel in Heaven is sent by a God-like entity to show George that he should not kill himself. The angels name is Clarence. In order to earn his wings, Clarence must save George.that his life did have a purpose. Clarence shows him what the town of Bedford Falls or Pottersville as it would be named if George had not been born.

To convince George that his life had meaning Clarence shows him what the town would be like had George never been born.
His brother Harry would have drowned that day in the icy pond, Mr Gower would be in prison for poisoning the patient who he gave the wrong pills too, Georges Mother would be a lonely old widow running a boarding house and drinking, and all of the townspeople that relied on Bailey Savings & Loan would be living in nasty rat infested apartments. They talk and George decides that his kids and wife do need him. Suddenly Clarence throws himself off the bridge and into the river. George jumps into rescue him and all is well.
No man is a failure who has friends, and everything we do, does make a difference.

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