Chapter Summeries

Chapter Summaries
Chapter 2,3,5,7 Summary
The novel starts with telling the readers that its 12:07, and that there is a dog lying on the grass on Mrs. Shear??™s lawn thinking it??™s asleep. He recognizes the dog as Wellington, Mrs. Shear??™s dog. However he then realised the dog had been killed. There was a garden fork sticking out of him. He pulls the fork out of him and holds it in his arms; ms shears comes out and assumes that Christopher had killed the dog.
We later find out that the narrators name is Christopher, who is 15 years and 3 months and 2 days old, and we get introduced to a character by the name of Siobhan who suggest he writes a novel.
Chapter 11 Summary
Chapter starts with the police at Mrs Shear??™s house and Christopher stating that he liked the Police because they have uniforms and that everyone knows what they are meant to be doing. The police asked Christopher questions about the dog to a stage where his head started to spin. The police grabbed his shoulder to help him up, this is when Christopher hit him. He doesn??™t like it when people touch him.

Chapter 17-31 Summary
Christopher has now been arrested for assaulting a police officer and has been bought to the police station where his dad is called. He is let off with a warning.
In Christopher??™s pockets there were:
A Swiss army knife
A piece of string
A wooden puzzle
3 pellets of rat food for Toby (his pet rat)
key for front door.
Chapters 41 Summary
Christopher apologizes to his father about making him drive all the way to the police station, and tried to assure him that he hadn??™t killed Wellington. He then states that he is going to find whoever killed the dog, his father isn??™t impressed and tell him to keep his nose out of other peoples businesses.
Chapter 43 Summary
Christopher begins to explain to the audience how his mother died 2 years ago (supposedly). He explains how when he got him no one was there so he let himself inside the house then an hour and a half later his dad came home, then went back out, and when he returned 2 and a half hours later explained to Christopher that he wouldn??™t be able to see his mother for a while because she was in hospital with a heart condition and that he couldn??™t go visit her.

Chapter 47 Summary
With the simple statement, mother died two weeks later, Christopher returns to the topic of his parents. He is not allowed to go to the hospital, but Father assures him that his mother is getting plenty of good food from her favourite deli. Father says that she sends lots of love and that his get-well card is posted right beside her bed. The get-well card Christopher makes for her is a picture of nine red cars, which means super, Super Good Day. Father says that she has died of a heart attack, but when asked, Father cannot tell Christopher what kind of heart attack. Christopher deduces that it was probably an aneurysm because his mother was healthy, exercised, ate healthful foods and was probably too young to have died from an embolism.
Chapters 59 Summary
Christopher decides to disobey his father??™s requests and search for whoever killed Wellington. He decides to go interview people in the street, but has no luck. He goes back to Ms shears house and lets himself in through the back gate so he can have a look inside he shed. She catches him and threatens to call the police if he doesn??™t leave instantly.
Chapter 67 Summary
It??™s Saturday morning and there wasn??™t much to do so Christopher decides that he should go do more detection work. He goes to each house in number order 41-42 so on. He meets Mrs Alexander who lives at number 39. He asks her a few questions, and offers him so snacks, as she goes inside the house he becomes anxious and leaves.
Chapter 71 Summary
Christopher states that all of the children at his school are dumb. He is not supposed to call them dumb. Siobhan says that Christopher must only use those terms special needs and learning disabilities because anything else are nasty words. Another thing we learn about Christopher is that he is a bright student at maths and is planning to sit his A level maths and get an A+ on it and take other A level exams so that he can go to university.
Chapter 73 Summary
Christopher reveals that things were not all peace and love between Father and Mother. Sometimes he thought that they might get a divorce and that his Behavioural Problems were the cause of much of the stress. In his obsessive manner, Christopher provides a detailed inventory of his behavioural problems, which include not talking to people, not wanting to be touched, screaming, smashing thing, not smiling and not noticing when people get angry.
Chapter 79 Summary
Christopher explains to us how his parents always argued and he thought they might get a divorce, but then he goes on to explain his Behavioural problems. (Found on page 59). The chapter always shows us how his mother couldn??™t handle him, and she makes the comment on how she wanted to put him in a home.
Chapter 83 Summary
Christopher tells us about his desire on being an astronaut and how he thinks he would be a good one because he is intelligent and that you need to be able to work in small areas which he is able to do.

Chapter 89 Summary
Father tells Christopher that he forbidden to do any more detecting work, which now means Christopher is unable to finish his book off. Another even in the book is when Christopher experiences two black days in a row (where he sees 4 yellow cars in a row) so for two whole days he didn??™t speak to anybody at school. And for the next day he just shut his eyes.
Chapter 97 Summary
But it isn??™t the end of the book, because the next day he saw five red cars in a row, which made it a Super Good Day. This means that something special is going to happen that day, and since nothing special happened at school, he assumed it had to have something to do with Wellington. Christopher met Ms Alexander again at the Milk bar and he started to ask questions about Mr Shears. She later reveals that Mr Shears was having an affair with mother.
Chapter 107 Summary
Christopher reveals that the Sherlock Holmes novel Hound of the Baskervilles is his favourite book, and then goes off and talks about the book and some clues that are given in the book (pages 90). Christopher tells us that he enjoys reading Sherlock Holmes because he doesn??™t believe in supernatural.
Chapter 109 Summary
The next day, Christopher takes his book to school and shows it to Siobhan, who reads it during recess. After she has read it, she asks Christopher if he has told his father what Mrs. Alexander told him about his mothers affair with Mr. Shears. Because he has promised Mrs. Alexander that he wouldn??™t tell his father, he replies that no, he has not. She is then worried that Christopher might be keeping things to himself, but he assures her that he isn??™t.
Chapter 113 Summary
In this chapter Christopher tells us more about himself, how his memory is like a film and that when he wants to remember something he simply rewinds and plays mental images in his head.
Chapter 127 Summary
This is the chapter where Father finds out that Christopher has started to write his book again and finds out the he spoke to Ms Alexander about mother. His father lost his temper and grabbed Christopher so he hit him, then hit him again, and then he doesn??™t remember what happened next. Father had hit him.
Chapter 139 Summary
Christopher likes Sherlock Holmes because the famous detective does not believe in the supernatural. He does not, however, like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Sherlocks creator, because he does believe in the supernatural. Christopher believes the supernatural is stupid and that Sir Arthur was stupid. He explains The Case of the Cottingley Fairies, a 1917 hoax involving five photographs of purportedly real fairies, which Sir Arthur Conan Doyle believed were indeed real. It was later revealed that the fairy photos were not real.

Chapter 149 Summary
On Monday at school, Siobhan asks about Christopher??™s cuts and bruises from . He tells her about the fight, about his father grabbing him and about him hitting his father. She asks if he is afraid to go home, and he said his not. Once he gets home, Christopher gets the key to the back door from the little jar and goes out to look in the dust bin to retrieve his book, but it is not there. He also looks in the compost but no luck yet again. He goes through his dads room and finds a box with letters in there sent to Christopher Swindon from 451c Chapter Road Willesden London NW2 5NG.

Chapter 157 Summary
Christopher explains to the readers how he couldn??™t go back into Fathers room for another 6 weeks to read the rest of the letters. When he is finally able to he reads another 4 letters addressed to him. He finally realised that his mother wasn??™t dead, and he started to feel sick. Father finds out that Christopher had read the letters and started to explain how sorry he was, and how he was going to explain to him when he was older.
Chapter 163 Summary
Christopher explains how he had to learn that other people had minds too. Julie was his first main teacher at school before Siobhan, and how he likes Siobhan because she got his mind thinking, and she always explains everything in detail on what needs to be done. He likes this because he doesn??™t like guessing.

Chapter 167 Summary
This is the chapter where everything begins to change, Father reveals that he had killed wellington. He tried to justify his actions by trying to say that Mrs Shears cared more about the dog then Christopher and himself. Once Christopher hears this, as anyone could of guessed, he freaked out and he said he didn??™t feel safe at home and that he needed to get out.
Chapter 179 Summary
Christopher stays awake until after 3:00 a.m., huddled behind the rain barrel behind the shed. He spends the time watching the sky because when he sees stars he realizes they are hundreds and thousands of light years away. Many of them may not even exist by the time their light reaches Earth. Thinking in such massive terms, he says, makes all of his problems seem small. Also in this chapter Christopher decides that he has to go live with mother in London.
Chapter 181 Summary
Christopher doesn??™t like new places, because he doesn??™t know where everything is, and he begins to explain how simple some people??™s minds are, and how observant he is. He comes across as arrogant thinking that he is the ???smartest??? because of how he observes things.

Chapter 191 Summary
Christopher quickly determines that the real train station is a bit more complex than the one he built for his model railroad. He is surrounded by more people than he has ever encountered before. He explains that when his mind fills up with all of this stuff it is just like a computer reaching the limit of its memory. Like a computer, Christopher can shut his mind down for long periods, occupy himself with complex mathematical equations, puzzles or games and, essentially, reboot his mind. While exploring the train station, Christopher becomes overwhelmed with all of the distractions and sits down at a table outside of a cafe. He withdraws into himself and plays a mathematically based game called Conway??™s soldiers in his head.

Chapter 193 Summary
Christopher explains that he likes timetables because he likes to know when everything is going to happen. He made timetables when he played with his trains and when he lived with Father and thought Mother was dead from a heart attack. He provides a detailed sample of his timetable, broken into increments as small as five minutes, of his daily schedule (found on page 192).
Chapter 197 Summary
Christopher is on board the train towards mother (London). He doesn??™t like the train because there are lots of people around and this frightens him. He hates being stuck in a room with so many people. Especially trains because you can??™t get out. Just before the train departs, the Policeman from the previous chapter catches him just in time before it departs explaining that his father was waiting for him at the station, but out of luck the train begins to head towards London.
Chapter 211 Summary
Christopher is hiding inside a cupboard so he doesn??™t have to go back to the station because he doesn??™t want to live with father. He decides that he needs to tell us about people going in and out of the toilet and explaining their business to the readers. To distract himself he draws up images into his head. People come and go, some realise Christopher some don??™t. He finally decided to get out realised that the policeman had gone but his belongings had gone aswell. He gets off the train and follows the railway line saying in his head left right left right. He has finally made it to London, but need to take the Jubliee line in order to make it to mother.
Chapter 223 Summary
This whole chapter is about Christopher describing adverts that he sees as he walks through. One of the adverts is about going to Malaysia.
Chapter 227 Summary
While Christopher is waiting he realises that his pet rat Toby is missing. He spots him on the tracks so he decided that is was a smart idea to jump down onto the tracks and try pick him up wile a train was coming. He gets Toby and a man jumps down and lifts him up just in time to save him from the train, as per usual he screams and threatens to hurt the man. In order to find mother he buys a map of London from a local store. Finally at 11:32 he makes it to mothers place, he sits in the rain and waits for them. She was overjoyed to see him. The apartment they live in is small, so Christopher quickly makes a map of the entire house.

Chapter 229 Summary
While sleeping, Christopher has one of his favourite, and perhaps most chilling, dreams. In his dream, almost everyone on earth dies from a virus. This is not like other viruses, but like a computer virus. It spreads because of the meaning of something an infected member says and the meaning of what they do with their faces. People can contract the illness from watching people on television, and once they get it, they just sit on the sofa in front of the TV and do nothing. This dream im sure to many are quite odd and disturbing.
Chapter 233 Summary
Over Christopher??™s breakfast of fried tomatoes and green beans the next morning, he hears Mr. Shears already complaining about the flat being too small for three people. His mother says he can stay as long as he wants to stay. Mother takes compassionate leave from her job and takes Christopher shopping. It is crowded, however, and he curls up on the floor and screams. They ride home in a taxi. Later, he tells Mother that he must go back to Swindon to take his A level math exams, and she says that may not be possible. When he is unable to sleep, Christopher goes outside, crouches down between two parked cars and contemplates the night time in London. Christopher finds out that he is unable to take his A level exam because his mother and father are having even more issues, Father is threatening to take mother to court to try get Christopher back. Monday night Mr Shears returned home drunk, and started to have a go at Christopher saying ???you think you??™re so fucking clever, don??™t you Don??™t you ever think about other people for a second eh Well I bet you??™re really pleased with yourself now, aren??™t you??? This is when the next morning Mother decides to take Christopher away from London and heads back towards Swindon. This ended up in Christopher being able to sit his A levels, which he ended up getting an A for. This is pretty much the end of the book now. It just concludes with how he solved a particular sum in his exam paper.