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his announcement sets out the endorsed shape for the accommodation of propositions and papers for research degrees of the University. On account of named projects where accommodation takes a frame other than, or incorporates work extra to, that portrayed beneath, the presentation of entries might be liable to direction arranged by the significant College, affirmed by the Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Research, on the proper shape before notice of the program, which should be made accessible in the College PGR handbook to candidates enlisted on the pertinent projects. Length of Theses/Dissertations Content of Thesis/Dissertation Other types of accommodation Language of Thesis Presentation and Arrangement of Theses/Dissertations Format of Submission for Examination Place of Submission of Thesis/Dissertation for Examination Submission and Distribution of Theses/Dissertations taking after Examination

1 1.1 Length of Theses/Dissertations In understanding with the Regulations and Programs of Study:

(an) a proposition for the level of PhD might not regularly surpass 100,000 words.

(b) a proposition for the level of EngD might not ordinarily surpass 100,000 words.

(c) a proposition for the level of PhD by Publication might not typically surpass 100,000 words, and should incorporate a 10,000 word integrative section.

(d) a thesis for the degrees of MPhil should not ordinarily surpass 60,000 words.

(e) a paper for the degrees of MPhil by Publication might not typically surpass 60,000 words, and should incorporate a 6,000 word integrative part.

(f) a paper for the level of EdD might not typically surpass 50,000 words.

(g) a proposition for the level of DClin Res should not ordinarily surpass 50,000 words.

(h) a proposition for the level of DClin Prac might not typically surpass 50,000 words.

(i) an exposition for the level of DEd Psy might not ordinarily surpass 40,000 words.

(j) a proposition for the level of DClinPsy should not regularly surpass 15,000 words. (k) an exposition for the level of MbyRes should not regularly surpass 40,000 words.

(l) a paper for the level of MbyRes by Publication might not regularly surpass 40,000 words, and should incorporate a 4,000 word integrative part.

1.2. 1.3 1.4 For all projects (other than the DClinPsy – see beneath) the above maxima are selective of commentaries, catalog, reference sections and theoretical. For the DClinPsy, the above maxima are comprehensive of broadened informative supplements and selective of theoretical, commentaries and book reference. Where authorization has been allowed for an understudy to submit in an option design, particular rules for accommodation will be given demonstrating whether a discourse is vital and determining, where fitting any limitations on the span of the postulation. Understudies submitting in an option organize stay bound by the fitting maxima above. Substance of Thesis/Dissertation While a theory/paper may exclude broad unaltered material that has beforehand been submitted and endorsed for the honor of a degree by this or some other University, the joining of past work into a bigger contention is passable, for instance when a Masters level exposition in the main year of a 4year has been a lead-into doctoral level work. Incorporation of Previously Published Papers: (not applicable for DClinPsy) Theses/expositions for research degrees submitted in the Faculty of Graduate Research may incorporate papers by the hopeful that have been distributed or have been acknowledged or submitted for production. Such papers ought to relate straightforwardly to the hopeful’s endorsed field of study and probably been composed amid the time of the competitor’s enrollment. Contender for the MbyRes/MPhil/PhD by production may likewise incorporate papers, which ought to ordinarily have been finished inside the 5 years past to enlistment. The quantity of papers that might be incorporated is not endorsed, but rather they and alternate substance of the postulation/exposition ought to mirror the sum, inventiveness and level of work expected of a hopeful towards an ordinary postulation/thesis.

Affirmation must be made in the proposal/exposition by the hopeful if any paper shapes part of another postulation/thesis submitted inside the University or somewhere else by a co-creator. That a proposition/thesis incorporates a paper that has been distributed is no certification that the inspectors will prescribe the honor for which the applicant is being analyzed. The inspectors are required to evaluate the nature of the entire postulation/paper against the criteria portrayed in the controls for higher degrees. A theory/exposition including distributed papers ought to be exhibited and orchestrated as portrayed in Section 5 of this code aside from that the papers might be introduced in their distributed shape. Every distributed paper must be bound in with alternate parts of the proposition/thesis. The substance of the theory/thesis ought to take after the succession portrayed in 5.6, however ought to also contain an augmented presentation tending to the accompanying matters: (a) The points, destinations and aftereffects of the competitor’s examination (b) The exploration system where not generally depicted (c) The commitment made by the papers with regards to the affirmed field of study (d) An announcement of the applicant’s commitment to co-wrote papers (e) A writing survey For the MbyRes/MPhil/PhD by Publication just: (f) The developed presentation ought to include a section, to which as far as possible in 1.1 apply, which should clarify how the work shapes a lucid entire, and clarify how it meets the honor’s appraisal criteria.

Different types of accommodation Regardless of whether they are on a named program, which has particular accommodation necessities, which may contrast from the standard, understudies are allowed to make representations to present a postulation in an option design, solicitations to do as such should typically be made at the application arrange. Assist direction, including the required structures, can be found here. An option design (see likewise incorporation of distributed papers) may incorporate either: (a) the presentation of part or the majority of the proposal in an option arrange e.g. it might be a media report (e.g. a component or the postulation completely, which is exhibited in an arrangement proper maybe for presentation at a gathering) (b) A developed content, for example, a bit of workmanship, or a record of expert practice as a progression of contextual analyses, which must be joined by a critique

The arrangements recorded here are not selective and hopefuls ought to first examine the matter with their administrator should they consider there to be potential to show

their theory in an unexpected way, will’s identity ready to offer counsel on the suitability of various configurations inside the setting of that teach, and with respect particularly to how they identify with the hopeful’s examination extend. 3.4 Permission to do as such might be given that by ideals of the subject: (a) (b) (c) (d) the scholarly nature of the postulation would be improved; that a qualified director and proper inspectors can be designated; the configuration is fitting to the proposal; that the organization will permit the understudy to exhibit their capacity to meet the honor criteria; (e) or, that the option configuration is a suitable particular game plan

to make to guarantee the steady fair appraisal of an understudy with handicaps. While considering a demand College Deans ought to guarantee that subtle elements, for example, the normal configuration, size and extent of the postulation are recorded. Elective types of accommodation recorded under 3.2(b) must be joined by an analysis, of no less than 30,000 words, which must meet the typical measures of presentation of a theory and an amplified presentation tending to the accompanying matters: (a) The points, goals and aftereffects of the hopeful’s exploration (b) The examination philosophy where not generally depicted (c) The commitment made by the postulation with regards to the endorsed field of study (d) An announcement of the competitor’s commitment to the components of the proposition (e) A writing audit 3.7 The proposal all in all will be liable to the general word confine material to the program. The understudy will likewise be held as far as possible concurred when their demand to submit in an option configuration is considered. The Dean of College might hold obligation regarding choices taken under segment 3 of this technique, notwithstanding, as this is a territory of rising practice, cases ought to be taken care of taking after conference with Faculty Support and Policy Development in the interest of the Dean of the Faculty. Personnel Support and Policy Development will keep a record of all solicitations and their results and look to guarantee consistency of practice, similarly as is down to earth, happens. Candidates ought to raise such demands as a major aspect of the application procedure, and existing understudies ought to first examine the matter with their boss, who will allude the matter to the Dean of College. Encourage direction, including the required structures, can be found here. Dialect of Thesis Normally, all postulations will be submitted in English. Accommodation in a dialect other than English

Outstandingly, understudies are allowed to present their proposition in the dialect of study. Consent will be given that by ideals of the subject, the scholarly nature of the proposition would be upgraded and that a